magic-wormhole 0.13.0 released

August 22, 2023

At long last, I give you magic-wormhole 0.13.0

The release notes 0.13.0 give an overview of the changes.

What is Magic Wormhole?

magic-wormhole is a library and command-line tool (written in Python) which makes it possible to securely and easily get arbitrary-sized files and directories (or short pieces of text) from one computer to another.

By making use of a “mailbox” server on the public internet and the SPAKE2 algorithm, codes like “2-beehive-norwegian” are used to obtain an end-to-end encrypted connection (peer-to-peer in favourable network conditions). This server cannot see plaintext and could make a single attempt to subvert a connection (the same as any other attacker).

More details are provided in the documentation.

Notes for Packagers

As my first release as an additional maintainer, packagers may need to make changes. Meantime, PyPI has also disallowed .asc signatures from being uploaded or served to users.

I downloaded all the signatures I still could (see also pypiratzzi) and put them in Git. Going forward (this release included) I will include the detached signatures in this way.

You can find my OpenPGP key on this Web site, as well as keyservers.

This release brings “Dilation” one step closer to having the “experimental” tag removed. I have also been playing with an integration tactic to allow non-Python tools to easily interact with Dilation; see my related project fowl.

If you have a project using Dilation, or an idea for one, please get in touch!

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Thanks, meejah