Contact Information

There are various ways to contact me:

The quickest, preferred and best way is via Signal if you know my land-line number you may use that. I do not have a cell-phone.

If you do not know my Signal number, the next best are these:

Leaving these here for historic purposes, but they are extremely unlikely to succeed. I do not actively use Twitter anymore:

Note that you can encrypt a message to me using if you have no other means to encrypt a message (via onion). There are, however, good GnuPG guides from the EFF for Linux, Mac and Windows. See also this RiseUp OpenPGP Best Practices guide.

Note: I used to be on Freenode, but as of June 14, 2021 my nick is unregistered and I have no intention of going back. Please do not message whomever may have that nick on Freenode…